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1.Turkish Properties can arrange a local lawyer to act on your behalf if you prefer.
2. Turkish Properties can complete all the necessary formalities on your behalf using the services of our qualified conveyancing agent at low cost.
3. On deciding to purchase a property we will carry out the searches to make sure the property is as advertised and has no outstanding charges on the property.
4 . A deposit is normally required unless the sale will be completed within a few days. If for example you intend to complete in over 3 days then a deposit will be required . This deposit is not normally refunded unless there is a problem with the property not being as described or the owner failing to complete as agreed.
5. Non Turkish nationals wishing to purchase a property will have to pay for an official valuation of the property which is around 200GBP for the average villa.
6. When all the formalities are complete the buyer and seller attend the local title deed office . At this time the sales tax must be paid . (Currently 3% on villas and 4% on land purchases). This tax is shared equally by the buyer and seller unless previously agreed by both parties.
7. Buyer must pay the balance of the purchase price to the seller prior to the Title Deed completion. By cash or verified bank transfer.
8. The buyer and seller must pay the Title Deed office charges shared equally unless otherwise agreed. At this time the buyer and seller will sign the Register and the buyer will receive the Title Deed.