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Turkish  Properties
Port Gocek Marina

We have now extended our Service to include conveyancing for foreign buyers and sellers in the Fethiye, Gocek,
and Dalaman areas.

We can protect your interests when buying and selling property in Turkey.

When purchasing property be it an apartment ,house, or land we can on your behalf complete your transaction
safely and painlessly.

A deposit is normally required by the seller once the purchase price has been agreed.
A contract is drawn up to protect both parties and will clearly state the terms and conditions of the agreement.

We will carry out the necessary searches at the local title deed office and land registry.
We can submit your A
pplication to Purchase to the Government offices when necessary,.
When your application is approved (Approx 4 weeks) we can complete the purchase and pay taxes due on the
date of purchase. The tax on the sale of property is currently 4% of the purchase price. This 4% is shared equally
by the buyer and seller.  (The seller sometimes expects the buyer to pay it all)
The title deed must then be registered with the local authority. Mains services will be transferred to your name i.e.
water electricity,telephones etc.

With your power of attorney we can do all this for you,  or alternatively we can accompany you and guide you
through all the necessary procedures.

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108, Tabok € 1 150 000,00

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125, YAHSI $ 5 000 000,00

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