Having lived here in Turkey for the last 31 years we can advise you of all the procedures involved in purchasing property in Turkey. We guide you from start to finish throughout. We were featured on the BBC programme I WANT THAT HOUSE  back in 2003 and I`m sure you can obtain a copy if you  ask for  one on the BBC website.

Turkey is the most wonderful country and not what most people imagine. The local people are so helpful and kind and you will be received with open arms and hearts. The Turkish people were the main reason  we decided to relocate to Turkey and having lived here all this time we have never been disappointed or have any regrets in making the decision to sell up and relocate to Turkey.

We would have taken the plunge years earlier if we had only known. Don`t miss the opportunity to visit and see for yourself and you will understand. Relocating is so easy and we will help you all we can. Please also check out listings where there may be something of interest i.e. not  the normal run of the mill advertisements


80, Skopea € 140 000,00

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113, Kafid TL 1 750 000,00

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96, Haktas TL 1 600 000,00

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